Historical information on Greek marbles.

Greek Marbles

During the human evolution, man was constantly proving his inventiveness and creative virtues .Many times his motives revealed the virtues which were needed to express his fears, his joy and his feelings. Proofs of which, have been mentioned before, and are to be found tracing back to the near and distant past, turning our sight back to our ancestors who in their homelands, were painting scenes from their everyday life as well as symbols that even nowadays are difficult to explain.
When the human kind stopped living nomad, little by little it started to create urban civilization and then new forms of art are were invented. Initially using soft and malleable materials which were easy to carve into; such as wood and then later on using harder materials such as stone as it was longer lasting.

In their quest to find a better and more elegant material, but without loosing the respect of natural materials, man reached the core of the mountain. From that core he mined the most noble and pure form of rock; the marble. A material that in the beginning was used to build the houses of the Gods and now is at the disposal of man.

Even since the thirteenth century B.C. in Greece we have been able to find art in various forms, marvelous idols and samples of architectural perfection which are all made of marble .Many of those artworks are still standing, imperishable and proud watching the centuries go by demonstrating the high quality and their multi-diversity, from the aesthetic point of view as much as from the technical point of view. As a material, marble can offer the most precious, noble and rare metamorphosis of the litho logical phenomena, especially for the white marble.

Continuing a long tradition of 5000 years and being heirs of a rich and precious heritage of knowledge, marblesol.com offers this fine material guaranteed by our expertise. Our punctuality and our customer orientated services provide assurance that the balanced combination of those elements put by marblesol.com are capable to fulfill almost any requirement giving the best possible results always, whilst respecting the basic characteristics of marble, that being, elegance, nobility and harmony.

Time has proven that Greek marble lasts forever!!!

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